Cloud Server

Huge Resource, Speedy Connection

UDomain is now entered Cloud Era! Our Cloud Server can perform like a traditional Physical Server, but more flexible and expandable.


Number of vCPU 1
Storage 20 GB
IP Address 1
Monthly transfer limit 100 GB
Fee $498


Number of vCPU 1
Storage 40 GB
IP Address 1
Monthly transfer limit 100 GB
Fee $698


Number of vCPU 2
Storage 60 GB
IP Address 1
Monthly transfer limit Unlimited
Fee $1198


Number of vCPU 4
Storage 100 GB
IP Address 1
Monthly transfer limit Unlimited
Fee $1698


Number of vCPU 4
Storage 250 GB
IP Address 2
Monthly transfer limit Unlimited
Fee $2298


Number of vCPU 8
Storage 500 GB
IP Address 2
Monthly transfer limit Unlimited
Fee $3598

Offsite Backup is included in the above plans. Maximum size same as Cloud server storage.
Windows server will occupy around 25GB storage.
Copper package only support Linux OS.

Payment Terms

24 months prepayment - 10% off
12 months prepayment - Waived Setup Fee

Service Promise

7x24 Server Monitoring
7x24 Technical Support
99.99% Online Guarantee
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Supporting Features
Operating Systems Ubuntu /Centos /Debian /Windows / By Request
Supporting Languages PHP/ Perl/ CGI-bin/ SSI/ ASP/ ASP.Net
Database MySQL/ MS Access/ MS SQL Express
Web Server Apache/ Tomcat/ IIS
Email Service Qmail/ Sendmail/ Postfix
Full Root Access By Request
Service Guarantee 99.99% Server Uptime
UPS Power Failure Backups
24x7 Telephone Technical Support
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Value Added Service
Licensed MS SQL Server 2012 $600/month (Core License, Unlimited User)
PLESK Control Panel License $200/month
PLESK Dr.Web Email Anti-virus service $100/month
PLESK MagicSpam Email Anti-spam service $100/month
CPanel License $300/month
Shared Firewall $200/month
Additional Storage $200/month(100GB) $450/month(300GB) $600/month(500GB) $1000/month(1TB)
Additional Data Traffic $200/month (300G transfer limit) (Copper/Silver)
Unlimited ( Gold /Platinum /Diamond /Titanium)
Dedicated IP address (IPv4/IPv6 supported) $400/month (1 IP)
Advantages of Cloud Server:
  • Cost Saving. With “pay-as-you-go” concept, large initial investment on hardware is not required and you can handle your IT budget more efficiently.
  • High Flexibility & Scalability. Cloud Server is invented and designed to allow you to scale up your server specifications easily and conveniently, to match your market demand anytime.
  • High Availability. As computer resource is ready in our Cloud, dedicated system and network environment can be available in a short time.
  • High Reliability. With clustering features, spare server in Cloud will take over the role when the primary server is down. It ensures your business keeps running and service continues to perform as usual.
Characteristic of UDomain Cloud Server:
  • Latest Secure Cloud Technology

    No doubt that Cloud technology has high flexibility and availability, at the same time, secure issue is the most concern. With using UDomain Cloud Server, security is hardened by well-known network equipment, higher level Juniper Hypervisor firewall. It ensures the accurate protection measures running after auto transfer of Cloud server (V-Motion).

  • Well Utilize Server Resource

    To operate with VMware® technology, different server resources are integrated in the Cloud Server. With synergistic effect, server resources can be well utilized with result 1+1 > 2.

  • Flexible Resource Allocation

    Can self-allocate CPU, Memory, Storage and network resources directly to different server host anytime. Spending on particular resource upgrade is enough. Your investment can be applied more efficient and flexible.

  • Pay As You Go

    No matter software or hardware, they are all ready in our Cloud Server for our client. Without extra server installation, new server can be ready within few hours, cost on license can be lowered at the same time.

  • Self Recover Program

    When there is system failure, server resource will be re-allocated automatically to ensure all features can be run continuously.

  • Uninterrupted System Upgrade

    Without any server down-time, resource can be upgraded and re-allocated anytime, includes software installation. Therefore users can start to have their own server with lowest cost, lowest barriers.

  • Tailor-made Network Environment

    According to your changing business needs, we can help you run your server with the most appropriate hardware, application, system, internal and external infrastructure, with the most cost-effective combination.

    For $698 per month, you can enjoy the latest Cloud Server technology with 10GB storage. To have more information, please feel free to contact Customer Service Department at +852 2554-7545 or email at .

For more services information, please call us at +852 2554-7545 to enquiry.

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