China-Hong Kong Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Trial SSL-VPN - Bypass CN Block & Access Global Websites

UDomain is proud to officially launch "China-Hong Kong Virtual Private Network" service (SSL-VPN) which is an enhancing and faster network connection for your web as well as e-mail service.

SSL-VPN service’s benefits include:
  • Using UDomain’s exclusive network, bypassing China and directly connecting to our server in Hong Kong
  • Avoiding slow website which is caused by Mainland Government’s monitoring
  • Downloading e-mail at high speed and reducing disconnection.
  • Able to browse any websites from all over the world and avoiding the block by China
  • Supporting mobile devices connection (including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, etc)
  • Monthly fee per user basis which you can well control expenses

Virtual Private Network (SSL-VPN)’s operation Diagram:

Virtual Private Network

Please refer below monthly fee of SSL-VPN service:

Service Monthly Fee Minimum Prepayment Term 1 Year Prepayment Discount
SSL-VPN (for PC) HK$100/account* 3 months 10% off
SSL-VPN (for PC + Mobile) HK$120/account* 3 months 10% off
SSL-VPN (for Server Access) HK$140/account* 3 months 10% off

*Multiple login is not allowed at the same time.

To experience the benefits of our SSL-VPN, we are happy to arrange a TRIAL account for you. To subscribe, please simply submit the below form.

For more details, feel free to call +852 2554-7545 or Email to

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