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Internet speed is crucial to any business. Delay of milliseconds in response time will induce unexpected business loss. UDomain wants to help you minimize that loss with our Global CDN and China Routing CDN.

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What is CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network system that can accelerate loading speed for a website.

Normally when a user accesses a website, he has to connect to the website origin server. The greater the distance between server and end users, the longer the loading speed. It is because the contents must travel around the world before appearing on the user's screen.

CDN can cache website contents in nodes in many locations. Users can retrieve contents from a nearest node when accessing a website. The shortened distance allows user to enjoy a speedy and stable browsing experience.

Why Corporations need CDN?

Website is now the cornerstone of many corporations. However, demand for network speed also increased greatly in the past few years. Even delays of milliseconds in website response time will lead to unexpected loss. According to previous statistics, the conversion rate to a webpage dropped by 7% for every 100 milliseconds of delay of response time.

If your website has a lot of static contents, or if speed and stability is very important for your business, such as finance, online gaming, retail and streaming, you would need our CDN service.

Which CDN is better for your business?

Global CDN

UDomain believes that network speed must not hinder business development. If your customers are located all around the world or if you want to open up your business to the global market, our Global CDN can definitely bring the best browsing experience to your global audience.

Suitable for: Corporations with global client base

China Routing CDN

To host a website in China, you must first apply for different licenses from different Government departments. But the application is complicated and there are strict limit on company background and assets. Foreign companies are inherently disadvantaged and their website can only be hosted overseas. They cannot enjoy the high Internet speed in the mainland and so many mainland users are disappointed at their loading speed.

UDomain’s China Routing CDN is specially designed for this predicament. With it, you do not need to bear those complicated procedure while maintaining high loading speed for Chinese users. You can more easily enter the enormous China market.

Suitable for: Corporations interested in Chinese market but unable to apply for hosting service in China

Easy Setup

  1. Add your domains for website acceleration
  2. Start caching your files with basic or advance mode
  3. Monitor the perfomance & usage

Global CDN

High Performance & User Friendly

The CDN network is optimized for low latency. Numerous UDomain nodes are strategically located in major continents and countries, creating a robust network with comprehensive coverage. Together with 300Gb+ International bandwidth, stability can be maximized.

Our user-friendly control panel allows you to customize your cache rules, monitor traffic, activate or deactivate domains, upload SSL certificates and consolidate other UDomain peripheral services.

Simple & Cost Effective

Pay-as-you-go pricing is charged based on actual traffic. Long term commitment or minimum traffic requirement is not required and there is no upfront payments or hidden charges. Everything is simple and transparent.

Through diversifying traffic to different local nodes, the load to the origin server will be greatly reduced, saving bandwidth cost while achieving better result.

Enhanced Security & 24x 7 Support

With UDomain CDN, security of your website is reinforced as your real IP is hidden, preventing DDoS and other cyberattacks. Even when one node is being attacked, the other nodes can continue to serve users, which drastically eliminated the impacts of attacks.

UDomain Internet expert team provides 24 x 7 manned technical support. Any queries, just ring us up.

For more services information, please call us at +852 2554-7545 to enquiry.

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