ICP-free China CDN: Speedy Connection in Mainland

ICP-free China CDN features:

Avoids China Network Jam

Diverse server centers are set in China’s vicinity, transferring data inland in separate paths, avoiding local network traffic jam. This network connects the whole China, where 8 telecom companies operate separately

Smart DNS Identification

Intelligently identify the closet point of presence (PoP – access point from one place to the rest of the internet), providing high-speed and stable data transfer without data lost

Easy to Set-up

No ICP (Internet Content Provider) registration of mainland required, ready to use, easy to set up

Synchronizes in Real Time

CDN server automatically synchronize with the website data, it updates in real time with no extra program settings or changes needed

CDN cache

CDN server stores up static content cache (e.g. pictures, videos, words…). End users connect to the CDN server can retrieve above data without reaching the website, fasten the browsing speed

Protects the real IP address

CDN server switches data traffic paths, which hides the real IP address, lowering the chance of website exposed to DDoS attacks

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