Web Application Firewall

Network Security Level-Up

Hacker activities vary, not only should your website stay protected, the browsing of it should be fully-optimized as an uninterrupted experience. UDomain Web Application Firewall(WAF) keeps you away from all sorts of cyber threats without delaying your network applications.

Flawless Full-Gear Protection

WAF specifically designed by UDomain to protect applications with extensive firewall and additional protection programs, eliminating hackers’ chance of finding loopholes. WAF would save you time and resources to upgrade programs, and you would not need to make an extra effort to debug. WAF is simply the most convenient and direct protection.

Strongest Shield against Attacks

Attacks always come after you. UDomain’s Automatic Websites Protection tackles Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks, SQL injection (SQLi), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and in particularly covers the numerous loopholes of WordPress Plugins, so you may sit back and relax.

Speedy Protection Updated

Our large team of internet security professionals provide you with a 24x7 support and protection. UDomain would counter attacks globally in split-seconds once a new loophole is found, we will always provide you with the quickest and most intimate protection updates.

Powerful Log Records

With website real-time monitoring, security policies suggestions and reports like attacks logs to chase back attack source, UDomain can reveal malicious attacks and provide hard-evidence for lawsuits.

Flexible Disposition

WAF can be deployed from Cloud without hardware or software installed, protects your mobile websites and application programs’ safety. It is ready to use, adjustable anytime and anywhere.

Your Trusted Team

Found in 1998 by experienced network experts, UDomain is dedicated to providing outstanding hosting services, including 24-hours live person technical support hotline, 99.99% online guarantee, and extensive network of the state-of-the-art data centers… Our existing clients are multinational corporations, government departments, SMEs and individual users all over the world.

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